Guided Scuba Diving Tours

Explore South Florida’s uniquely exciting sea life and eco systems with a guided dive tour. Explore our ship wrecks, both new and old. Explore part of the Great Florida Reef, the third largest living coral reef in the world. Your guided tour will leave you with many wonderful memories. We can help you preserve those memories with a video upgrade to your tour as well.

Beach Dive

This beach dive excursion is about 2 hours and we will gain access to open water from one of the many beach access points.

Prices start at $175 per person

Kayak Dive

Our Kayak dive outings begin at one of many South Florida beach access points. These trips usually run about 2 hours. We can accommodate up to 4 people.

Prices start at $200 per person

Boat Dive

4 hour boat dive trips from our boat, your boat, or a hired boat.

Prices start at $195 per person with gear and guide. Boat fees $85 per person.

Add the excitement and convenience of a Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) to any of your excursions for only an additional $25 per DPV.

Call us to learn more about our Guided Scuba Diving Tours, Shipwreck Excursions, Spearfishing & Lobster Outings and DPV Tours! We also provide guided dives in other U.S. locations as well as other countries.


(954) 281-5595


* Please note that if you purchase any scuba experience or any course online, we will call you within 24 hours to book your times.

GoPro cameras availiable for all scuba experience and guided dives. 

Referral Dive Certifications

Referral Dive Certifications

$425 per Diver

Come to beautiful sunny South Florida to complete your Open Water Certification Dives. We handle all the major training agencies. Referral Certification requires four dives made over two days, and we will make all those dives from our beach access points. We provide all equipment necessary to complete your certification.

Our experienced instructors will ensure that your Open Water Certification Dives are both safe and enjoyable. We also offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs, so you can earn your certification while soaking up the sun in South Florida.

Scuba Refresher Course

Scuba Refresher Course

$150 per Diver

Dive back in with confidence through our Refresher Course! Join us for a 1 to 2-hour session where you’ll revisit and perfect your open water skills in a controlled wet environment. Plus, if needed, we’ll provide a meticulous visual inspection of your gear. Get ready to refresh your scuba expertise and gear up for your next underwater adventure!

Our Scuba Experience

Discover Scuba before you Dive in.

Embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure with our Scuba Experience, a comprehensive full-day journey that promises to immerse you in the mesmerizing world beneath the waves. This immersive program encompasses a series of thrilling activities designed to acquaint you with the fundamentals of scuba diving.

The day kicks off with an introduction to the essential scuba equipment, where you’ll learn the assembly and operation of gear crucial for your underwater exploration. Expert instructors will guide you through the intricacies of buoyancy control, ensuring you navigate the depths with grace and precision. You’ll also master vital equalization techniques and the universal language of hand signals, fostering clear communication while submerged.

The excitement continues with a two-hour pool session, where you’ll get your first taste of breathing underwater. Discover the art of regulator techniques and the invaluable skill of mask clearing, allowing you to maintain a clear view of the aquatic wonders that await. Plus, you’ll refine your equalization techniques, vital for comfort and safety during your dives.

The pinnacle of our Scuba Experience is the beach dive, an exhilarating one-tank adventure. Equipped with all the necessary gear, you’ll venture into the depths, with a maximum depth not exceeding 40 feet. It’s here that you’ll put your newfound skills into action, exploring the vibrant marine life and breathtaking underwater landscapes.

If you decide that scuba is an activity you wish to pursue further we will credit $150 towards your NAUI Open Water Suba Diver Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Please note that if you purchase any scuba experience or any course online, we will call you within 24 hours to book your times.

What's The Difference Between NAUI + PADI?

Both agencies can make good and bad divers, but NAUI has the potential for better training if you get a good instructor. The big difference between the agencies is the flexibility given to instructors. NAUI certification also requires a skin dive, but PADI does not. For these reasons, the United States Armed Services uses NAUI certification.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Start Scuba Diving?

We can certify anyone from the age of 10 to scuba dive, but from age 10-14 you will receive a Junior Scuba Diver card. The kids aged 10-14 take the exact same class is exactly the same as the “adult” certification, but Junior Scuba Divers must dive with a certified responsible adult and not with another Junior. At age 15, they can upgrade their card to the full adult certification without taking the class again.

Can I Take The Class On My Own or Do I Need A Buddy?

You can come to the class on your own or with a buddy! If you don’t have a buddy, we will buddy you up with someone else in the class or with the instructor.

Do You Offer Private Classes?

Yes, absolutely! If you can’t make one of our scheduled classes, or if you feel like you would learn better one- or two-on-one with the instructor, we can set up classes to suit your schedule. These are a little more expensive than our scheduled classes, and pricing varies depending on the number of students in the private class. Please call us to discuss options!

Do You Offer Refresher Classes?

Yes we do! Refreshers are scheduled as and when they are requested. We have a few options and prices for refreshers, please give us a call to discuss the best option for you!

Do You Offer Gear Rentals?

Yes! We have a large selection of BCDs, regulators, air and nitrox tanks available for rental. Pricing is by the day and package pricing is available for people going on scheduled trips with our instructors.

Can I Use The Pool To Try Out Gear?

Yes, we have an onsite, heated 10ft deep pool which certified divers may use to try out any gear when we do not have classes going on. The cost of doing this varies, depending on whether you have your own gear or not.

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