ProVision Scuba Mask

The PROVISION mask provides divers with vivid and luminous clarity underwater, while our contoured skirt design smoothly hugs the silhouette of your face with soft silicon comfort.  The low-volume mask is easy to clear, and the PROVISION strap adjusts securely to fit. Our durable design has been tested to withstand all types of diving environments and yet is stylishly stunning.  The PROVISION is offered in three colors, the perfect match to your favorite diver gear. Divers can select between aqua blue, nitrous green, and black.


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Product Details


  • Premium ultra-soft silicon rubber skirt
  • Contour skirt angle for reducing facial fatigue (red ring)
  • The remarkable dual design delivers outstanding comfort while providing exceptional sealing to the face.
  • Durable and easily adjustable strap
  • Quick tension buckle with dual release
  • Exceptional value. Mask comparable to mask costing nearly double
  • Now available in with clip-on corrective lens + and – (additional cost $35 a pair)


The ProVision Scuba Mask provides divers with vivid and luminous clarity underwater. This ultra-soft skirt design gives divers unmatched comfort and seals underwater, plus the skirt fits many faces. Provision also has an option for clip on corrective lens.

The ProVision Scuba Mask is designed with Ultra-Soft silicone skirt.  One-touch of this mask, and your face will be in love!  Plus, it features a contour skirt angel for reduced facial fatigue (red ring around the face).  The silicone molds to your face for a perfect seal.

This mask has optional clip on correctives lens in plus and minus options.  Only $35 a pair.

+ Lens | +1.5  +2.0  +3.0  +3.5  +4.0
– Lens |  -2.0  -2.5  -3.0  -4.0  -5.0  -6.0

Easily change your prescription yearly or if you need two different # or + /- for each eye.



Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 4 in

Black, Aqua, Green

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