TAC – Non-Military Performance Scuba Fins

The TAC fin is a performance leader in Ultra-High Performance Fins. The TAC’s operation is unlike any other fin in the market. This light, efficient fin propels you through the water with immense force.  The TAC’s proprietary material, thin design, and curved blade provide a rigid cross-section that attacks the water. The fin length, width, open toes, and proprietary material have created the goldilocks’ zone for ultra-high performance fins.

This fin is the REAL deal!


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Product Details


TOP FEATURES – Engineered to Perform

  • Ultra-High Performance Fin
  • The wide tips slash through the water with optimal thrust
  • The shorter length reduces the overall strain on your legs
  • This agile fin design allows for a quick transitional change in direction
  • Excellent travel fin – fits into a carry-on bag
  • Free mesh bag


Why buy TAC Scuba Fins? 

  1.  THRUST/PROPULSION – The fins design cuts through the water, and the result optimal propulsion you can feel. This fins performance in current is stellar!
  2. AGILITY/MOBILITY – The fin allows quick turns, directional changes, and maneuverability.  This thin, firm, curve design maximizes mobility.
  3. EFFICIENCY/LEVERAGE –  Shorter design and open toes mean less leverage on calf muscles. Fin design uses larger quad muscles= reducing calf muscle cramps.
  4. LIGHT WEIGHT – The fin weighs 1.9 lbs. and fits into a carry-on bag. An ultra-light high-performance fin.


SizeBoot Size
SmallSize 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8 (female)
MediumSize 8, 9, 10
LargeSize 10.5, 11, 12, 13 +

* Most females with up to a 8-8.5 fits small.

* You can always exchange the fins for a different size.

Note: Tension in the legs is not a measurement of thrust. The most efficient fins are easier to kick and have less strain. The open-toed design significantly reduces strain on the legs.

Comes with standard black stiffener – Optional Carbon Stiffeners can be added UNDER the standard black stiffener.

Optional Carbon Stiffener

You can add our Carbon Fiber with Kevlar stiffeners underneath the standard stiffener to tune your fins perfectly to your body and kick style.

Carbon Fiber with Kevlar Stiffener Rigid:   Increases rigidity over stock fin by ~20%

Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions29 × 6 × 11 in

L, M, S

Carbon Stiffener Rigid

No Carbon Stiffeners, Rigid Carbon Stiffeners

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