Did you know that you can use your G.I. Bill® to pay for many of our scuba courses? We offer a wide selection of programs.
Start your mission today by learning to dive, building skills, helping the environment, or becoming a dive professional!


• Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge Program

• GI Bill® certification / license reimbursement


Active Duty Service Members

  • Utilize the DOD SkillBridge Program and GI Bill® benefits to transition into a career in the dive industry!
  • Earn dive certifications and gain valuable experience at NAUI dive shops and affiliates all over the world while on Active Duty using the DOD SkillBridge program, no previous diving experience required.
  • Earn NAUI certifications / licenses and become a NAUI Professional Instructor at no cost using your GI Bill® benefits.


  • Earn NAUI diving certifications at no cost using your GI Bill® benefits, either for recreational diving or to become a dive professional.

DOD SkillBridge with NAUI

  • For Active-Duty Service Members
  • Opportunity to gain valuable dive experience, dive certifications, dive shop business mentoring and ultimately become a dive professional before transitioning from the military.
  • Learn and work at over 5000 facilities around the world while still receiving your military pay and benefits.
  • Utilize the GI Bill® while on SkillBridge to get reimbursed for your certifications and licenses, become a licensed dive professional with no cost to you.
  • Already a Certified Dive Instructor? You can still participate in SkillBridge with NAUI as an instructor. If certified with another agency you may use your certification to crossover to a NAUI certification during SkillBridge.

GI Bill® Reimbursement

  • For Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members.
  • Use either the Post 9/11 or the Montgomery GI Bill® to get reimbursed for NAUI certifications and licenses.
  • Progress from no diving experience to becoming a NAUI Professional Instructor by only using six months of GI Bill® benefits or earn the certifications you want to recreationally dive.
  • NAUI approved VA training and testing centers are available across the United States.
  • It’s easy to get started, check out the GI Bill® reimbursement details below.

Service Members have been placed all over the world in the SkillBridge Program

• Austria • Cyprus • Hawaii • Honduras • Japan • Mexico • United Kingdom • United States • 

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