Ratio Computers – iX3M 2 Pro


Air, Nitrox, Gauge. 3 mix, Multi Air Integrated, Huge color display, Vibration Alarm.

All new User Interface with LSK, Deco Table during the dive, Compass and more …

Original price was: $899.95.Current price is: $799.95.

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The All-New Interface delivers the best user experience ever. iX3M 2 has clear interface and a huge Display – the largest of the category.

The iX3M 2 Interface is designed to give you our best User Experience yet. With its a clear interface and its large display, iX3M 2 is second to none.

You have 4 buttons and a command line (Line Select Key) which remind you which button to use.

As soon as you exceed no-decompression limit you will se your decompression table with all the deco stops you will have to make. iX3M 2 updates the deco table in real-time and it always keeps you informed on the deco stops you have to make.

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 4 in
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